The Outdoor Shed 

The Outdoor Shed is a service destinated to the temporary staff working in Mistissini.

Since most travel by plane and can't bring outdoor gear, we wanted to help you by giving access to different gear/activity:

Free to borrow (self serve):

-          Volleyball, soccer ball and others

-          Kayak (please ask if for more than a day)

-          Camping gear (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, cooking gear etc)

-          Rock climbing gear

Free to borrow under conditions:

-          Quad (ATV) (must have license, wear helmet, refuel after use and report any damage). Self service for 4h or less otherwise please call and ask before. Please ask for a tutorial if you are not familiar with such vehicle.

-          Fishing rods (must have fishing license available at the Tourism Office located at the Lodge and your own hooks/worms etc)

On demand free activity*:

-          Target shooting (available calibers are: .177 (commonly called pellet gun), .22 (for small games), 12 gauge (for flying games) and 303 (for big games).  You must buy your own bullets and targets. Possibility to go on your own if you have your hunting license and familiar with firearms.

-          Guided rock climbing (in Chibougamau)

-          Guided camping

For information/ ask a key to the shed:

581-999-3490 (Daniel). 

Please fill appreciation form after using a service... it will help the project to stay alive. Have fun!

*Availability not guaranteed (I work tooJ )